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Dear friends,

If you are on this page, there are chances that you want to build your business, build your brand, live your life in your own term, or create the dream life you want using sales funnels and Clickfunnels. But the probability is that you are not sure if Clickfunnels is the right fit for you.

I can totally relate with you.

To start with, my name is Nick Tsai and I'm a funnel builder, e-com seller, and affiliate marketer.

Few years ago, I lost my job and had no saving in the bank; at that point, I didn’t know what to do.

 I wanted to look for another job; however, the economy was bad and it was really hard finding a job that would allow me have quality time with my family and still be respected in the society.

 As a matter of fact, an engineer in my place works 12 hours a day and gets very little respect. With all these constraints, I decided to start my own business I tried literally everything, from drop shipping to affiliate marketing, and all, but none of them seemed to work in the long term until I bumped into Clickfunnels.

I started learning funnel building a few years ago.

 In the past few years, I have built over 150+ funnel using Clickfunnels. 

Right now, I can make sales consistently, lecture over 2000- students, and even make 6 figures in affiliate commission, just with this amazing funnel builder. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you will achieve your business goal just with Clickfunnels, as a matter of fact, I was really struggling with making money with funnel then, to break even the $97/month with Clickfunnels was a problem. 

Here are 3 major problems you will face right AFTER signing up Clickfunnels

  • Technology

    Clickfunnels is a powerful tool, yet it’s still not so friendly to non-technical guys like you and me, you may need to study it for4 weeks to understand all the detail of the software.
  • Conversion

    Funnel builder is just a tool, if your conversion rate sucks; there is no way you can save your funnel
  • Traffic

    Even if you build the funnel, where do you get your traffic? As a matter of fact, I spend more time and money to figure out all the detail after signing up.
Don’t get me wrong, Clickfunnels is still an amazing tool and it saved my life 

and I wish you can share the benefit and joy of having a 24/7 selling machine like Clickfunnels. 

That’s the reason, I want to help you reduce the time and struggle to figure out all the things and get directly into all the benefits of using Clickfunnels.

Here Are The $4129 Value Package You Are Going To Get Access To

Bonus 1 : CF Jumpstart + Conversion Hacks Training ($597 Value)
CF jumpstart is a tool kit to help you reduce your learning curve of using Clickfunnels and get those benefits right away.

Bonus 2- 8 Done For You Follow up and 8 -Optin Pages ($1194 value) 
Get access to my done for you tool kits to jumpstart your business
Bonus 3- 14 Days Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp ($597 Value)
Learn how to build you optin page ,how to follow up and make money from your email list
Bonus 4 Email Marketing Cookbook ($1194 value) 
No product ? no problem, in this course you will learn how you can use affiliate marketing to create your online passive income!
Bonus 5 Blogging Income Blueprint ($597 value) 
How to build your first blog and generate free traffic from it

Total Value $4129  Get All Of Them For Free By Trying Clickfunnels For Free Now

Imaging how much guesses work you can save just by watching those training.

Imaging how much more money you can earn if you can land 6 months earlier.

As you can see, those packages can save you a lot of time and money. 

If you are selling coaching service, e-commerce, and B2B, the time I saved you can easily worth more than $4997. 

But I want to make it less difficult for you and totally risk-free that's the reason, I want to give you 2 options. You don't have to pay $4997, nor $2997, nor $1997.

The Price Of This Package Is $997 But You Can Get It..For 100% FREE

All you have to do is sign up your Clickfunnels trial account, and then you have to submit your email to my private form.
Our team will check and validate your bonus once confirmed, we will email you bonus to you.

Why I’m doing this?

That’s the best way for me to guarantee your success with Clickfunnels and make sure you are not taken advanced of those filthy affiliates. 

If my content sucks, you can simply cancel your Clickfunnels trial, and I won't get paid but if you succeed with Clickfunnels, I will get paid via affiliate commission and you don't have to pay the $997 it's a win-win for us.

If for any reason you decided to leave Clickfunnels, you don't lose access to my bonuses and you can keep it for FREE.

For the first 50 action takers, you will get my bonus training right inside your members area
Therefore, take action now and create your clickfunnels account.

Nick Tsai

About Your Presenter
my name is Nick Tsai and I'm a funnel builder, e-com seller, and affiliate marketer. 

I have built over 150+ funnel using Clickfunnels. Right now, I can make sales consistently, lecture over 2000- students, and even make 6 figures in affiliate commission, just with this amazing funnel builder. 

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  • ​My Get things Convert course ($597 value)
  • ​2 Hours Of Clickfunnels Video Training ($597 Value)
  • 8 Done-For-You Funnels Templates ($597 Value)
  •  8 Done-For-You Email Sequences ($597 Value)
  •  Email Marketing Kickstart ($597 value)
  •  Blogging Income Blueprint ($597 value)
  •  Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp ($597 value)
  • Total Value= $4129
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